Why is it OK for a guy to do it but a girl can't?

Why is OK for a guy to call and text a girl every hour on the hour but a girl can not do it to him? For example : My ex called me like everyday if I didn't answer he would call me again and again until I answered. Well now that I started calling him back he want answer or return my text msgs. So why was it OK for him to call me and call me. But when I call him he want answer?


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  • Well this is an indication of self absorbed behavior . He was unable to see how you felt about being called every hour and now the shoes on the other foot. People don't like that kind of behavior stop doing it yourself and tell him that you didn't appreciate it before.


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  • When is it okay for a guy to do it? That's news to me. In fact, I've heard of girls breaking up with guys because they thought even one daily texting was too clingy and desperate.

  • ummmmm if a guy texted or called that often, a girl will think he is clingy, needy, he has no life

  • i think a guy texting that much would make her think he is clingy so I'm pretty sure girls don't find it OK for guys to do that


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