How to tell a guy you don't want to date anymore?

Ok I went on a second date with this guy and I'm just not into him. he's fine but not someone I want to drop everything for to hang out with. How do I tell him I don't want to see him anymore?


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  • As a more "mature" dude I get "it" when a girl stops texting and calling within the first 5 dates. It's clear when communication stops that things have gone stale.

    Of course some men are more sensitive and might take offence but you're not looking to date them anyways, right?

    If you're looking to be more honest and open, and wishing to judge yourself as being "polite", then try something as simple as this in response to your next phone call or text message:

    "Oh, hey Rob. Listen, I'm just going to be honest with you... I'm not feeling the chemistry between us despite how great you seem, so I'm not going to waste your time, or my own, with any more dates. It was still fun meeting you, thanks again for the fun. :)"

    Perhaps even that's too... friendly.

    But overall, from a guy's point of view, either is pretty clear to me: an all-stop to the phone calls, or a polite "rejection" text message is fine. Especially within the 5 date radius.


    ~ Robby

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  • What ever you choose to do remember that honesty is the best policy and to call a spade a spade. What the first guy said is good enough.

  • Say it how it is, just like that. If you say it anyother way it leaves questions and manipulation and bargining to enter. Truth straight to the point quick and easy. That has always been more respectful and easier to take then avoiding or making excuses.

    good luck !

  • " Hi, your a really nice guy, but I don't or can't see a future between us. I don't want to lead you on but I really don't think this is going anywhere, I'm truly sorry for wasting your time" Apologies

  • Just tell him that he's OK but there isn't the kind of chemistry that you need to continue. You will be saving both of you a lot of pain later if you continue. He might feel the same way too


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  • haha I had o do that 3 weeks ago, it actually wasn't that bad. Just being honest is the best way to go! If you don't see it going anywhere just be straight foward and tell him you just don't see it progressing into anything more! If he gets his feelings hurt , it won't be near as bad as him wondering why or what happend or if he did something wrong! Just being truthful about it is the best way to go(:

    • yes true when someone broke off with me. I had thought something I said did or something I didn't do. when you leave a guy in suspense they tend to bargin. But when you are straight to the point it was leavt with no questions. truth actually didn't hurt. It just didn't work simple and to the point and thankyou.

    • exactly! and honestly what some of the guys said on here is exactly what I told him. lol so I would keep that into consideration too. ha ha at least they answerd our queston lol mine is still unanswerd ha ha but like I said honesty I the way to go! Good luck!