Why would you keep your ex's number, ask to hang out, and then cancel the plans?

So I stopped talking to my ex completely, erased his number, ignored him when I saw him, etc. I applied the N/C rule strictly because he had a girlfriend a week after I broke up with him. 2 days ago, after 2 months of no contact he texted me, asking how I was etc. I was shocked because I thought I had been clear in the very beginning of not wanting to talk to him. Being that I'm already over it, and being friendly I decided to reply back. After a little while he invited me to his house that same night to have a conversation--I couldn't so we both agreed to meet up the next day. I clarified, however, that I agreed to go if he had no intentions of getting back, or was using me to get his girlfriend jealous, etc. I was pretty clear to him. He then tells me he and his girlfriend broke up. Well, the next day one hour before our meeting time he texted to tell me he "didn't realize he had a lot of homework" and was not gonna be able to meet "tonight. sorry." So I'm sure he 1. was feeling lonely and wanted to use me, but since I clarified things, he cancelled, or 2. he was gonna make up with his girlfriend. I don't know I was shocked, and extremely angry. I sent him a nasty text message for him not to talk to me ever again and to erase my number and all, and all he replied was "okay." The jerk couldn't even say, I'm sorry for cancelling, etc. So what do you all think? Help please. Was I going to be used? Why didn't he ever delete my number? To do something like this? I still can't believe a**holes like him exist in this world, after all the hell he put me through, and here I am still feeling sorry and being nice to his lame a**.


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  • I wouldn't let it get to you to bad. If he was using you then no matter what in the long run its his loss for losing what could have maybe been a good friendship because you were willing to meet up with him to talk...? He probably didn't lose your number because he may have still had feelings at the time you 2 broke it off, and thought maybe someday he may have a shot with you again. Or he had intentions of messing with you as he is doing now. If you and his relationship wasn't healthy that's a sign in itself to drop all thoughts and memories of him out of your head, doesn't sound to me like he deserves your sympathy especially if he showed no sign of gratefulness to you for accepting his invitation to meet up and talk.

  • No. In fact, if I could I would have the parts of my brain containing my exes's memories lobotomized.


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