Do you every feel like you aren't meant for love?

I've been single for almost a year now. every time I've been on a date I either don't see any connection or am the least bit attracted to the man , so I decline a second date. Or I am never asked on a second date. Men don't approach me in public, (I would say I'm about a 7 on a 10 scale). I'm fairly confident in myself and I know what I want. I try to present myself as confident. I see men look at me and check me out but no one ever approaches me. I work full time and go to school, so my social life isn't the greatest. The best luck I've had with meeting people is online (where I met my ex) and even there it seems like a dead end. I'm 27, and would like to meet someone, but I'm at a loss. I don't like to play dating games and have very little tolerance for those who do. Does anyone else ever feel this way or have any words of wisdom?


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  • Yeah I've been beginning to feel like that lately. You've only been single for a year? I've been single my whole life. The only words of widsom I have (and it's very cliched) are "hang in there". Why don't you try approaching guys instead of just merely inviting them to approach you?

    • In the past, I was always the one to approach or pursue. It raised havoc on my self esteem. So I stopped. When it comes to interests it's always me who pursue's, the only person who has ever pursued me was my ex. I've given up on that strategy. Plus I'm a shy girl, even though I've pulled myself out of a bit, I'm still that shy girl.

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  • I seem to be the girl everyone falls in love with, but no one wants to keep. At any given moment I have plenty of guys who would kill to be with me, but my relationships never last. I feel like I'm not good enough to love.

    Have you ever checked out singles events in your area? Maybe you could meet someone at something like that. Ask some of your friends if they know anyone interesting you could meet.