If a guy hasn't texted me in a week, should I give up?

He messaged me on a dating website at the very end of last month.

We exchange numbers after a week of lengthy messages. We Skyped for three hours with each other that next week . We texted almost every other day or every day for the past few weeks. We even planned a date which is supposed to be next Friday.

I hadn't heard from him since last week when we were texting that night all of the sudden he stopped responding and I tried getting back to him a day later and still nothing. I was on the website again the 2 days after I texted him and I noticed that his account was gone.

A guy friend of mine told me that it was a lost cause.

I found out that he was avoiding me.


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  • i would say so


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  • Give him one more week then yeah. Problem with online dating is everyone is talking with more then one person and when they pick someone else they don't even bother telling you/ ignore your texts. People have no manners anymore. But think positive maybe something came up he had to deal with. One more week then move on

  • how old is he? could be he was married ?

  • yeah