Does this guy like me but he's worried about our age difference?

We met up a few days ago he's 22 me 19, for our date he took me to a little place we sat opposite each leaning in talking a lot there wasn't really an awkward moment except from the start as we were probably both nervous.Halfway through he moved seats to be closer and said because it was hurting him leaning over the table as he was leaning forward and he moved to the seat just to the side of me and he leaned his leg against me for while and we sat close. We looked each other in the eye the whole time. After we went on a walk after and he walked me to my bus stop , he asked if I'd do it again I said "Yeah I would" and said we could go bowling next time I hugged him goodbye when the bus came .He waited as I got on then waved goodbye.

He texted me saying "Hey sorry I didn't text you back last night. After thinking about our date I'm sorry but I don't wanna go on another one. You're a pretty girl but I don't think our personalities are right for one another. Thanks for the time we had anyway"

What do I say back is their anyway he'd want to go on another one.

Like if I said "Oh right it felt like it went well or would you like to try another date as we might have been a bit nervous as it was our first date and we do get on well maybe our personalities being different is a good thing you never know"

or what can I say? He did ask me on a second date at the time like "maybe we'd go bowling next time" So he did like me a lot at the time.

I texted him back saying " "oh that's such a shame because even though you don't think our personalities matched I thought it was just because we were nervous meeting each other for the first time, are you sure you don't want to have another date just to be sure because I found you were a really nice guy? like it felt right at the time"

Then he said "Sorry Mysty I think I am pretty sure I think I'm too old for you"

Then I said is it just the age difference you're worried about he said "well yeah , I mean it's better for me to have someone closer to my ages, I guess I've never dated a girl more than a year so I said I'd try it but I don't think it's for me sorry" I said "Oh right like I don't act that much younger like I seem older to most I mean me and you got on really well despite the age difference 3 years isn't that much. Or we could even get to know each other as friends before anything. He said "Yeah we could be friends. You're a nice girl :)" Then I said "cool so friends it is and we can just get to know each other normally even if it doesn't lead to dating we'll see what happens" He said "Yep sounds good :)" then I asked what he was up to he said "Just work gonna go swimming now :) you.Oh by the way if we're gonna be friends we didn't meet on that dating site"

On the date he was really interested and did ask be on a second date at the time so it can't be that. I think the age difference was his main problem but didn't want to say that so he said our personalities didn't match when they actually did. He's definitely attracted to me.


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  • 19-22 isn't bad at all.

    • I know but he's never dated anyone 3 years younger so he's not sure. I think he does like me apart from that?


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  • 3 years isn't bad at all. I smell bullsh*t. Also, what's the point of being friends now? It's not going to end well...

  • That guy sounds really sketchy.. I would call it all off, I mean in a way it sounds like this guy has 2 personalities. Or maybe he is trying to figure out if he is gay...? It's just really strange for a guy to say hey lets do another date and then out of nowhere say no can do because you are 3 years younger than me. I would just keep on keeping on if I were you.

    • I know yeah he asked for a 2nd then changed his mind so I'm thinking he liked me at the time then started wondering about our age differences and decided maybe I was too young and he's finished college I've just started. So we're gonna get to know each other as friends first before even dating.

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  • i say age doesn't matter. me and my boyfriend are 2 years apart and we don't even talk about age. Love is blind so I think he's lying to you. don't be friends it won't end well. he don't deserve to be your friend

  • I wouldn't waste your time on him. He likely isn't that into you if he's using the age excuse for a difference of only three years. He used two excuses in that conversation - first that your personalities didn't mesh, then that the age difference was too much.

  • i think he's full of BS