We had the most amazing date, now he's ignoring me?

I met someone about a month ago while he was home from his job (he works/lives 6hours away), went on a date about 2 weeks in. It was a great night, we got on so well and he as very genuine, romantic and all the good things, I even met his sister because he was staying at her place. He said the next say he had a great time and definitely wanted to see me again. He went back to his job a few days later. We talked every day for about a week following the date, talking every day was normal because we'd been doing that before but I expected not to talk as much when he went back to work, which was fine. I asked him one day if he wanted to Skype, since we wouldn't get to see each other for a couple of months. He didn't say anything about it but did say that he got called into work an he would catch up with me the next day, fair enough, I know his work can be like that. We talked the next day and I brought up Skype again, but this time he never said anything at all, and I haven't heard from him since.

I left it a few days, and then text him last Friday just asking how he was etc, and if he had any weekend plans... Nothing. It's now been a week since I text him and I don't think I was wrong in asking about Skype, things were going great and I honestly thought he'd be okay with it. Why has he suddenly fallen off the map? It makes no sense! It's not like we're teenagers, he's 28. Any advice? :(


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  • You weren't wrong in asking but may come across pushy. Probably best to leave it a bit. Text in a few days if you like ,see if you get a response. Sometimes men who work away have a string of girls at their disposal. Especially those in the Army. Don't take this too seriously, keep your options open and date other men. Don't get hooked on one man who doesn't seem fussed to keep in contact, you will end up hurting yourself.


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  • He's probably busy.

    Or he has cold feet.

    • I appreciate that he's busy but I think if that was all, he would have said. I feel like I've maybe moved too fast for him. Should I apologize? Ignore him back? I really don't know.

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  • It happens to guys, but most often this has two reasons-

    1. They've got problems at work and are really irked about it.

    2. They got to know someone they liked more.

    In both cases it is better to stop writing to him. If he's interested, he'll call you or will at least answer, if he isn't, just think if you want such kinda guy.

  • maybe there is some other girl in the picture as well, I think you shudnt contact him again.. let him initiate and see what he says.