How long without a guy texting means he's not interested anymore?

We all know that if a guy really likes a girl, he will pursue her. But I've heard both that some guys text the girl they like every day, and other guys hate texting so they only do it a few times a week or if the girl initiates first.

But sometimes a guy we've been talking to that's not texting as often gives us girls the vibe that they're not interested in us as much anymore. If he doesn't text for x amount of days, should a girl get nervous that he's not texting, or is it normal for him to not text for a while?


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  • my frame is about a week without talking to him or seeing him I start getting very worried, if more than 2 goes by I assume it's done.


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  • A week, tops. If he doesn't respond to any texts in that time frame, it means he's not interested.

    But I'm speaking from experience.

    • I didn't necessarily mean responding.. I meant how long without him initiating. If I initiate, he still responds quickly and we have pretty good conversation. He's been initiating for a while but now I feel like it's been slowing down and I have to do more work.. but I don't know if this is him showing he's not that interested in me anymore or what.

    • Hm, maybe he's slowing down with his texts because he initiated a lot of the texts in the past, and now he wants you to start texting him more. I do that too sometimes.

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  • I don't think I'd get worried, people get busy. Sometimes a guy cannot text back because of work, school, family stuff, etc. Don't worry about it. Just wait it out & keep busy. You should never sit around & wait for a call or text from anyone. Life's too short.