Does she like me or not? Why would she not text back!

So there's a client I helped out at my job. I gave her my number and she texted me saying thank you so much I know you did not have to do this for me! The next day I saw her and I told her " don't be a stranger" she looked at me and smiled while she said " you too" so later on that night I ask if she would be interested in going out for dinner the following week. She replied " definitely". So I said OK will call you next week looking forward to it. She replied " me too! Monday came along and I texted her and got no response. Later that evening I called her and no response? A couple days goes by and I text her again and she replied " I'm sorry I been sick and its been crazy! So I said OK and asked how she was feeling? She again did not respond back. It's been another two days and have not heard from her. I really liked her and was excited to get to know her and thought everything was going great?. What happened? Is she really sick and if so why not just answer my text? If not interested why would she speak so interested that other day?


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  • Leave her alone. If she's sick she prob doesn't want to be bothered. If a week goes by and nothing then she's just not interested


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  • If she is truly interested, she will call you soon. Don't keep texting her.