Girls do you like the hairstyle braids?

do you find that hairstyle attractive? I do and I mostly see black men with braids I rarely see any other type of guy with the hairstyle,my friends make of fun me just because I find men with braid hairstyle attractive and they like guys with short hair and stuff I like guys with short hair to but I like men with braids the most. would you date a man if he had braids and if you don't like them would that stop you from dating him just because he had that hairstyle?


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  • For girls I like box braids or twists

    • omg I want to get some box braids but my boyfriend claims they are "masculine"

What Girls Said 2

  • Right now I'm trying to mix it up. I'm currently wearing a folded braid, sometimes I wear an English braid down my back, or a bun. Most of all I prefer braided updo like , it's look elegant and stylishly. Some days I find my hair just will not do whatever it is I want it to do and I have to resort to something else.

  • I do not like braids on me.

    Short hair make them look more manly.

    • men* lol

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    • well if he was muscular and had braids I would still think he is manly lol but it would have to depend on what kind of braids too

    • karenirving307: I don't know, I haven't seen a guy with braids in real life before, but let's say jack sparrow for example? lol this man looks good in both styles. :)

      Question asker you are right. But don't you think men look more handsome with short hair?! <3

      That's what I think. :D