How do I make persistent guys go away?

So I have a guy at work who loves to flirt with me and I think he likes me as he's always bringing up the subject of me dating anyone and he often talks to his friend at work too about me. They think I can't hear their convo but I can and it's a little awkward sometimes. Anyway, he loves to flirt and tease me at work. Then I have two of my guy friends who recently started texting me. One is in the military and the other works at the church. All of them are decent looking but I'm just not interested in dating them. Even if there was a guy who was really handsome who popped up at work one day, I still wouldn't give him the time or day either. But the guy in the military calls me everyday and I've told him several times I won't date him but he's persistent as hell and it's really annoying. The church guy is also persistent and says I'm beautiful a lot and I think he's a nice guy too but I told him as well I don't want to date anyone right now for at least 2 years and that I want to focus on getting myself together and being more spiritually knowledgeable. I'm into learning about Buddhism, Islam, Judaism, and Christianity and just finding answers, finding inner peace, and you know doing good stuff all around spiritually. But the church guy wants to marry me. I can see myself maybe marrying him in the future but not right now. I think he's a good catch to marry and we have things in common, but I really don't want to date anyone. So I have 3 persistent guys after me and it's really annoying. I tell them all the time I don't want to date you. I don't want to date. I'm not going to date you in 2 or 5 years because I'd rather be asexual or something like that. Like I really don't want to date any time soon. But they're helllla persistent. How can I make them go away and just be my friend or keep them at a distance?


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  • introduce him a girl that more attractive than you. he will move on


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  • i have a solution if you really want to let them go.just tell them you already have a boyfriend.maybe it's cruel for them,but it may work out instantly.