Is it normal for someone to start dating in their mid 20's?

Whatever the reason is that they haven't dated yet until their mid 20's, is it normal? I've never been the guy who was popular with the ladies (or even one girl in fact). Actually, I'm the complete opposite. I've never had a girl in my life and I'm 23, soon to be 24. But I want to change all this.

Do you know anyone who didn't start dating until their 20's?


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  • yeah its possible to not date till a bit later , in reality it might be a good age to start . as high school can be a bit early for many and most of those early relationships don't lead anywhere in the end . and college is mostly drunken parties and crazyness . not a lot of serious relationships either . I just wouldn't advertise your lack of experience when on dates or on dating profiles


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  • I know multiple people that didn't start dating until their 20's. I have only dated one guy but I wish I had waited until my 20's to start dating.


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  • Im sure it happens all the time, but I can imagine it goes by the individual( the guy). Women are really shallow these days, and it's common to see 40 year old virgins. It kind of is turning into a feminist country, and men everywhere are getting stepped on. I don't know how long this will last, but I assure you that men are already fed up with being treated like dirt.