Would you date a girl with sweating problems?

I am just wondering if you guys will ever date a girl with sweating problems like severe palmar hyperhidrosis or severe palmar sweating, severe axillary and foot sweating? Will you be interested in her once you see how bad she perspires in certain areas? I myself have a big problem about this, I am suffering in severe hyperhirosis which affects my hands, axilla and feet. It affected my life, especially my social life. People would say, it's just a small problem and that it should not affect my life but no matter how I try it still affects my everyday life. Choosing something to wear could be like a disaster for me, I have tried using a lot of products but it only worked for my armpits not with my hands and feet. For my 21 years of existence, I tried to avoid close contact with people like handshaking, dancing with people because I am afraid they might say something about me or will find me gross or something. Walking could be hard for me at times when my feet sweat a lot so I avoid wearing sandals, i. Also avoid having manicures and pedicures because I am embarrassed. I also think no one will like me because of my condition. I have severe sweating and it makes me feel embarrassed at all times.


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  • Sure, I would. I have no problems with that. It is very natural to sweat. I am single and widowed.

  • No this would not be a problem for me at all everyone has something that they are embarrast about think you are worrying to much. Someone that has a problem with this is not worth caring about. Some people find letting people know about these sorts of issues is easier when you kind of joke about it and don't take it serious or make a big deal out of it.


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