She says she can't be friends with me if she's dating someone else?

So, I'm kicking it with this woman I've known for awhile, its casual. One day she lets me know she met someone new and that he's making special effort to court her. She also indicates that she wants to get married, and its not going to happen with us. Cool! However it pisses me off that she can't still maintain a friendship with me while dating the new guy, I thought we were friends? What's that all about?


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  • it's because she likes you as more than a friend so she is scared it will interfere with her relationship. it's hard for youto understand if you don't have feelings for her but I can.

    i dated a guy and we don't really have a future together and I am still talking to him. we see each other, we make out and kiss and stuff, hold hands, but I don't know if it will go somewhere serious, and deep down I want it to really badly. I know that if I was going to get serious with someone else I would have to distance myself from him because I have strong feelings for him and it would be hard for me to love someone else when my heart goes out to him.

    hope that cleared it up. don't take it personally. she just really likes you a lot and probably can't deal with the emotions, she knows you won't give her commitment and to move on and be happy with someone else she has to focus on him and cut you out so her heart stops pining for someone she will never have.

    i will say that you may have a chance to be with her for real if you commit to her. but if you don't want to, you should be a good friend and set her free for her own good.

    • i agree with the comment above, I would say she likes you and she doesn't want her feelings for you to get in the way of her new guy.

    • yes 100%. it is the typical problem of the without a happy ending, the smartest thing to do is move on and she is lucky she found someone new so she has a shot at this.


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  • Typically, when that happens with a woman, it's because her new man doesn't want her having male friends. I find it curious that she didn't introduce you to him.

  • i like women like that. this is something to respect.

  • It could be that the other guy gets jealous easy

    or that you would be a threat because she likes you as more than a friend, either way don't let it get to you man.