Did it mess everything up?

So I went out on a date with this guy over the weekend, and I think it went pretty well. It was really awkward, though in a kind of adorable way I think, because I found out from one of his friends who's friends with mine that it was his first date ever, and he's never been kissed a girl before. It's been awhile since I've been on a date myself, and while I've been kissed before I'm far from experienced.

There was a point right at the end of the date when we were kind of looking at each other really awkwardly and I could tell both of us were thinking about kissing but neither made a move and after a pretty extended pause I just hugged him and that was the end of it.

It's been a little awkward since though about the same level it was before the date. did that moment at the end of the date mess everything up?


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  • friends of friends who tell friends aren't friends so ignore all that - we do anyway... sounds fun and petty and childish and natural - why are you asking us if it was a decent time - just go have a time and as long as nobody gets hurt don't worry what it looks like to others. hugs are OK. go slow if you want. what's the rush? nothing messes anything up so forget the judge. too much self criticism wrecks anything if you want it to.


What Girls Said 1

  • i don't think that should be awkward