He hasn't called in 3 days but he called every day before, what's up?

He lives in CA, I in FL. We have met once and liked each other, I am moving to CA soon. He was calling and texting daily, now it's been 3 days and he hasn't called. I called him and we spoke for a few minutes and he had to go, work or something. does he still like me?


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  • He still may like you but maybe he's kinda freaked that your moving to CA. And he might think that your doing it for him..Are you?Have you guys talked about it? Is he okay with it?If not then that may be the problem..Does he even know that your moving to CA?But he could also be busy with work or doing other things like his mom helping her out..You know..But don't panic. Just let things go easily and see what happens. If not just ask him. Good Luck.

  • He could just be busy. Are you moving there for him? If that is the case then maybe he is a little freaked out over it.