Are girls weary about dating online and don't really respond to msgs?

I notice that girls talk a lot of negativity about dating online and I was wondering if in mass this affects their behavior online. Sometimes I write girls messages and I usually have to write more then just a few girls messages just to get some responses, could it be that girls are hit up a lot and don't have time for me or do they simply have negative beliefs about online dating?


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  • I only did online dating for about a month and was pleasantly surprised. I am a young professional, and I was happy to see so many guys with a similar background. I usually responded with at least 2-3 e-mails back and forth, unless the guy was really crass ... even if just to say, "I'm sorry, but I don't think we're a good match because (reasons why, generally because he lived too far away or was vastly out of the age range I specified). Sometimes I would talk a little bit with a guy I knew I wasn't interested in because I wasn't sure how to tell him ... this was most common with guys I could tell I didn't have much in common with, such as farmers/rednecks. (Nothing against them as people, just not a good match ... I've tried it). I just liked getting to know people.

    I didn't really like IM, though, because too many guys would try to "corner" you into talking to them all night and then using that as some kind of leverage that you were obligated to meet them. It seemed like only really pushy guys used IM on that dating site, without any introductory e-mails. Most guys stuck to e-mails.


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  • I did try online dating for a little but it was a really big disappointment for me because I would get spammed with e-mails that were very copy paste from guys outside of most thingies I specified - often what was the biggest factor was that only 3 paid attention to the "Must know one of the following sign languages ISL/CSL/RSL/UKL/ASL" And they were women.

    So, it is a big nono for me now and I have someone I am falling for who did not require an internet connection and knows sign.

    But...part of your 'being hit up' is very accurate; I get hit up by Arabian guys a lot on my Iming client and they spam the call button even when I clearly state I do not know them, do not want to see them, and that since they do not know sign and are being aggressive and not reading what is typed, they will receive a block.


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  • Girls seldom respond because:

    - They're not interested

    - They've received too many e-mails and are not able to respond

    - Their profile is fake and they aren't on the site to talk to guys (just to look around)

    - You have the wrong approach (technically "not interested")

  • No, they're weary about meeting in person. You have to understand that if they are above average in the looks department, they are probably getting tons of messages per day. You have to do your best to make sure your message and subject line stands out...then if she likes what she sees and reads on you will get a response.

  • The more concentrated the environment is on dating in general.

    The more selective women are going to be.

    In a casual setting, women only give any attention at all to the top 5% of men.

    -In a bar? top 3%

    -Online dating? top 0.08%

    The more picky they can afford to be, the more they will do just that.