How much touching should there be on a first date?

How much touching do you think is too much for a first date? Or do you base in all around how the date is going? Can you tell when he's just aiming for sex?

I'm interested as I went out with a guy, things went well and after taking for hours by the end of the date he was sitting with his arm behind me with his head on my shoulder, putting his hands around my shoulders, things like that. Should I be wary of this? He's early 22, I'm 19. It didn't make me feel uncomfortable,or like he was aiming for sex, but I'm just curious.


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  • There aren't laws about this, people do what feels natural. A lotof people have their own, personal, strict rules about this on first dates, I know. Maybe I'm old fashioned, but think unless they are Frenchwomen, there should be strict rules. That way there aren't, ahem, misunderstandings.


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  • I saw a study on the news that 50% of the people from age 16 to 25 are having sex in the first date. I guess is because most people know how to use condoms for stds and most girls are informed on the pill for pregnancy.

    It really depends on how you feel. If you are cheating on someone else you may as well just go all the way. Well, that's my experience with girls that want to cheat.

  • If she refused a kiss I'd assume zero interest and not ask her out again. And she should seem into the kiss. I would have no problem with more but not expect it date 1.

  • If you want boundaries, let him know what they are, besides that, there is no general rule, it's up to the 2 consenting adults to do what ever they want..


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