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I'm 18 and I've never had a girlfriend I could physically hold or do things with. And I've never had sex. When I was 15 I met a girl online and we started "going out' it lasted about 7 months then just fell apart. Then right after I met another girl online and we started going out. It lasted just over 2 years. I wasn't the nicest boyfriend ever. Trust and issues anger issues were mostly to blame. Ill never again date someone I met online again before I actually meet them in person. Its been almost 2 years since that relationship ended and I haven't met a girl since. Being 18 and never having a real girlfriend and never having sex before. It leads ,e to doubt myself. I feel like ill end up alone. I'm not the kind of guy that will pick up a random girl and have a one night stand. That's just not who I am. I'm not sure what I'm asking. Just need a bit of advice or something.


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  • Are you seriously depressed over being 18 and not having a Girlfriend? I mean why would you want to rush into something...You should just chill and steer clear from that area, do something that catches your interest. (Is it like this with all guys?, like just because you're a virgin at 18 you're all sad, and anxious?) Personally I think you should do that with someone you actually love, but hey hormones, and you guys have "needs" So just relax you'll meet the right girl when you're not even looking for her.


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  • Do something that is important, important to you. This will lead to a better life if nothing else. Put effort into college/education. But some effort into a voluntary organisation if that is your thing. Make your life count. And become a better person.

    That will make you feel better. And make other people feel better about being around your.

  • A one night stand is only a one night stand if you don't call her again.

    Get out and pick up a random girl. There's some good ones out there, in amongst the randomness.