Does he want more then casual dating? Need someones opinion.

There's this guy I have been talking to for about a month. We have gone on one date, then he met all my friends at a party w me, we had sex, then took me out with all his friends. He is pretty busy guy but he makes an effort to call or text me ever day when he's not busy. He says he wants to get to know me better, aways wants to know what I'm up to or if I can hang out, tells me he misses me, and so on. He never brings up sex. I was actually the one who pushed it on him the first time. He even wanted to come over and watch a movie at my parents house Because I was at my parents that night. I didn't think casual dating dealt w this sort of thing. He says we are dating now whatever that means. We talk about our day, our feelings. If I'm sad or sick he asks what he can do to help me or what I need. I want to develop a relationship w him but don't want to make things awkward. Is it safe to assumehe wants more too?


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  • It seems he wants to deepen your relationship. I would act like this if I ever found a trsutworthy nice girl.


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  • You are casual dating in my opinion and I think you are having casual sex, I'm not saying this is a bad thing, but you are wondering if you are dating and if a guy says you are dating then you are dating, men don't speak in tongues. If a relationship with him is awkward for you then you are not meant to be with him.

    • Not awkward for me I like him a lot. Lol just asking a question.

    • I wish you both the best