My boyfriend hasn't texted me in 2 days? (I really need a guys perspective!)

Okay so my boyfriend and I have been going out for 2 months now. We're happy and everything seems fine. I saw him not yesterday but the night before.

So I text him the next day since it was his day off and said hey I got off early if you wanted to hangout. Since he had mentioned hanging out later that day. Heard nothing. He went to see a movie with a friend at one and his friend is a big drinker so I know he probably got stuck drinking with him etc. So I text him like 8 hrs later and asked how the movie was and nothing.

Then nothing all day today (which is normal since he works) but I know he's off of work for sure right now and he hasn't said anything to me. That and he actually takes the train to work so there is that whole time as well. I don't know what to do. It's not like we're in hs I'm 21 and he's 25 so. Help me out here!

Its never happened before!

Update: ha ha so him ignoring me was his breaking up with me tactic. How immature. Because I wouldn't sleep with him yet. He's with another girl he works with who has a boyfriend. Nice LOL glad I didn't get to far in the relationship!


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  • Ok, Well if he really liked you he would have called you or texted you. But, remember its been two months that y'all have been in a so called relationship. I'm sorry you are going through this, but he might be playing the field. It's hard to say, but two days no texting or calling is just to long if you have a relationship with someone. If he respected you then, he would have called you or texted you to tell you he was OK or something. Now, you have to see where you need to take the relationship from here. He could be playing the field... Sorry, honesty is the best..

    • Nothing else is showing that he's doing that. I saw him Monday night and we were just fine. So I don't know maybe he's testing to see how long I'll go without talking to him lol!

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  • maybe he broke his phone.

    • Could be possible! He doesn't have my number written down its just in his phone. I'm going to go to his old work since all his friends work there lol and ask if they've talked to him so I at least know he's okay!

  • maybe he is in trouble and he doesn't wanna tell you. maybe he died which I hope didn't happen. something coul have happened. wait a little while and maybe contact his parents to check if everything is fine.

    • Yeah that could Deff be a possibilit, I'm going to check his old work that's where all his friends are to see if he's at least okay. Then I'll know if he's just ignoring me or something happened! Do you think it would be to weird if I ask if he said anything about me to them? I mean if he wasn't happy he just had to say so instead of ignoring me if that's what he's doing

    • well first of all if he is just ignoring you its his fault that he can't be a man and tell you what's wrong. and just don't come off too needy. casually ask them if he is doing fine.

  • He hasn't texted you in 2 days?!? He's probably banging chicks left and right then...maybe even having orgies with all the animals on the train. I wouldn't be too worried though, he'll probably call you soon to join him.

    • I know it sounds dramatic. But he does usually text me when he's off work. I'm not clingy so I haven't texted him either. I really could use you're opinion please. Should I text him? I'm just afraid he needs space for what I'm not sure.

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    • don't call him. 2 days is way too early to be worrying. give him space. if it's been a week or longer since he's contacted you, then you can call and see what's up.

    • @GAG1989 Well there was one day he texted me late at night asking if I was up (usually am but wasnt). So I saw his text but I got ready for work, he texted me again that day and asked me how I was but I was working and couldn't answer. Then after work I ran some errands and he called me. So he couldn't go a day without talking to me somehow that's why I'm a little put off on what to do.

      @anon Both if you don't mind :)

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  • It's definitely a d*** move, but this just happened to me lol, with my friend with benefits. We have a pretty solid "relationship," which isn't really a relationship because neither of us are emotionally available. Since it's not serious, I let it go and sulked for a long time. We were both out of town the weekend after, so we didn't text or anything. I finally swallowed my pride and texted him on my way home: "So I've gotten over my disgruntlement at being ignored. How's Ohio this time of year?"

    He replied within ten minutes (usually it takes him about an hour) with five texts lol, apologising and telling me about how miserable he was in Ohio and asking how I was...apparently he just forgot to reply lol. And now we're back to normal. It happens, I guess.

    • He's never done it so that's what's throwing me off! I called him yesterday and I've been leaving him alone all day. It's so weird. The last night I saw him we were going to sleep together but he was like I feel so bad like I pressured you etc. which he didn't. So maybe he wasn't ready LOL

  • Call him and check up. Don't get over stressed or worried. He probably didn't text you because he was having guy time than work. I'm sure he'll get back to you. But it doesn't hurt to check up.

    • Today again no contact, I'm a lot calmer than I I'm going to go to we're he used to work he's still great friends with them all there so I know they'll know what's going on!

  • stop obsessing and over thinking. just call him, you have a right to be concerned.

    • I called him about 20 min ago when I knew he would be home from work and no answer.

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    • Good Idea :) I'm hoping he will at least call me tomorrow! Till then I will try and stay calm haha!

    • lol there you go! good luck! :)

  • Call him in the morning or after work. And just tell him you haven't heard from in 2 days and you're worried. Just seeing if things are okay.

    Relax, I'm sure he has a legitimate reason.