Would you date a homebody?

I'm quite boring; I'm a homebody and I'm quiet. I like to sit on the computer. I do also enjoy hobbies such as dance and skating. I feel undatable and like any guys who bother with me will lose interest after a while.

Forgot to say, I do enjoy going out, but I feel like I need someone/friends to compel me to go out by saying 'hey, you'd like this activity, so come with me.' I don't want to date a total homebody, but rather someone more extroverted than me who will get me out and doing things, but I fear they will be bored by me and my introversion.


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  • Sounds like you got good qualitys to me... Hell if I knew you I'ld ask you out. There are plenty of guys that would rather have someone like you than one of those wild nonstop party girls. So keep looking for your someone special because you sound like Great catch. And again liking going out and doing things and being able to relax are great qualitys. Hope you go out and find a good man.

    • Great to know there are people who don't see these as bad/negative qualities. I'm guessing looking at the ages of the answerers that this might also be a perception that changes with age? And that perhaps my bad luck in the past was due to my youth. Now in my mid-twenties I'm thinking I'll be able to meet mature guys like you.

    • Well shucks lol thanks and hope you find the right guy


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  • You have social anxiety. Proaably your definitely datable but you have to see the light instead of continous darkness. Perhapps you open up but you seem to need sumbody to lead you into a situation or event. Yes your definitely datable but guys will definitely avoid you if you where shy and hardly spoke any words

    • I do have social anxiety for sure! Counselling hasn't done a heck of a lot for it, I've just had to tell myself to not worry so much and to try to deal with it. I do typically need someone to go with me to social situations (aside from my hobbies). Thank you for the points to think about how much I am speaking up (or not speaking as the case may be!) and how others might perceive this...

  • Homebody by nature but who is willing to go out? That actually sounds ideal!

    • Thanks! These comments are reassuring that there are like minded people out there for me.

  • I'd be okay with someone that was a homebody as long as I didn't have to twist their arm to get them to go out of the house; I won't be bothered to try and convince people into things. If she's on the computer or phone when she is around me most of the time that it wouldn't work out. I'm fine with introverts in general though.

    • That's a good point, no one wants to be with someone they have to force to hang out. The last time I was reluctant to do something I left the askers out of it and got my family to twist my arm into going instead - that way the askers didn't have to know how reluctant I was to go and I ended up having a great time anyways.

  • no...not like that...if he find you attractive to you...he will be with you,try to convince you...and I am sure with such guy,you will change your homeyness...

    • Thanks for your comment. That's true, being with someone who likes you can bring out confidence and can give you the energy to go out and try new things.

  • You seem perfect to me. Lets marry

    • Seems legit. I'll get the papers ready.

    • Deft?

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