Why do men pull away?

Why do men PULL AWAY?

our last date was AMAZING

and since than he says he is busy, doesn't have time

doesn't talk to me when he is online..


Most Helpful Guy

  • There could be many reasons, men pull away for many reasons - fear of rejection; fear of success - if everything goes well and a break up - if he had experiences with bad breakups; he is busy. he is not that into you. also depends on you knowing each other. I had a case when I had known a girl since 7 yo - since school, and we started chatting and dated once when we were 24, I liked her a lot at school, and when we met, but I was too damn busy since 8 till 11pm, 7 days a week. I tried to call a few times but it was rare. I could have managed to meet her and call her more often if I would have been not scared of a failure, and not that busy. Relationships need time - and I didn't have time. She got married a year after we dated. I think that we have our separate routes in life. It was years ago. Hope it helps.