First kiss at 24 years old? What do I do?

I´ve never been kissed before. And a great, good looking guy asked me out. I´m so afraid that he wants to kiss me because I´m like so nervous and inexperienced I don´t even know how to react. Should I tell him he´s my first kiss ever?

Is it special if you are a girl´s first kiss? Am I too old for this kind of question?


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  • If he's a good decent man than if you do tell him he will respect it and not pressure you. Your first kiss should be at least somewhat special and have meaning. I would find it an honor if I was a girls first kiss, especially at 24. It shows that your loyal and you respect yourself. It would be nice if more girls were like you instead of being sluts. So don't rush if your not ready, and let him know if your not. And if he does run you dodge a bullet or a jackass, if he stays and respects that you found a good guy, now if he tries forcing you kick him or slap him he deserves it. Hope you have a nice night and he is a good guy.


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  • tell him that and he'll run a mile. No decent guy wants to be with a 24 year old virgin, it is a bit of a negative point - those who see it as a good thing should be avoided at all costs.

    Just go with the flow, don't make the standard newbie mistake of throwing in too much tongue and there's nothing to it really.

    • Actualy a good decent guy would be honored and treat the matter with respect! You sound like the jocks I beat up in high school lmao. Learn to respect women!

    • omg I hope not all guys think like you (0x0)

    • Learn to respect women? LOL wtf?

      I'm speaking the truth. A 24 year old virgin whether a man or a woman (lets have a little equality here please) is not seen as a good thing. It is seen as a bit weird and off and would only be a turn on for less than great guys.

      Thats not to say 24 year old virgin=instantly off limits, but certainly it is a big negative point.

  • oxo is wrong. There is nothing wronf with a virgin, or even someone whos never been kissed. It is special, to me it would be, and I'd probably be even more interested and a little protective of the girl.

  • i'm 24, eventhough I've kissed, I've never dated


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  • No you are not old at all .. I had my first kiss a year ago when I was 20 .. and I would have been fine if I waited . anyway trust me it is not as hard as you think it is .. there is no reason to be nervous because there is no certain technique to do it .. you just play along! If you really feel that it's gonna be incredibly bad , just let it be a short one.. and don't use tongue .. and then you can take your time getting used to it ..