I really like this guy and I want to tell him

But I don't know if he likes me back. We text each other like everyday until one of us falls asleep, but our conversations are usually just about music and not really saying I like you or that and sometimes he takes a while to reply each time. Would you text someone that long everyday if you were just friends? I really wanna find out but I don't know how without being weird and I don't want to miss a chance.


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  • Try flirting with him... you could try to say "what are you wearing" or something to get a sexual vibe in, if you want to try that. The conversation just has to progress, otherwise you're not getting anywhere.

  • Then tell him! Regardless of whether you know he likes your or not, there's still a possibility and you don't want to miss out on this perfect opportunity. But please, when you decide to confess your feelings to him, don't do it over text. What's more awkward about that is that you won't get to see his reaction where as in person, he gets the chance to tell you straight up without all the sugar coating. Good luck girl!(: