Dating older people/controlling?

I know age is just a number and what not, but I was just curious if one is dating an older person are they controlled more? If you are an older person who dates a younger person do you feel like you wear the pants so to speak?


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  • i dated a guy 12 years my senior. I wouldn't call him controlling. we weren't so serious and he didn't try to change me or my life or tell me what to do in my life or anything like that.

    but, I was still in school, and he would tell me about when he was in school and what will happen in the's kind of like "i've done this so I know all about what you are doing already" on one hand it was actually nice because he could understand and give me advice. on the other hand he would also say "told you so" or stuff like that sometimes.

    he was in the driver's seat, for sure, most of the time. but I don't mind that in a man. he also took care of me. he made me feel more protected than a younger guy. he always took me to nice places, even when we were getting a coffee I felt more taken care of.

    it's definitely different dating an older person. sometimes they can be controlling but not necessarily. although I will say that they are often more domineering than younger guys, but not to the point of being controlling. they just know more, have been through more in life, are smarter/more able to manipulate you emotionally if they wanted to.

    there are pros and cons.


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  • 2 years apart 3 that's OK but 5 or 10

  • I'd imagine that controlling isn't such an issue, but there always tends to be one who is more in control than the other.


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  • My boyfriend of 5 years is 10 years older and there isn't any control issues. Our relationship is based on love, trust, and respect for each other.

  • Controlling in what way? Like in the relationship? I always date older guys - my current one is six years older than me - and I've never really found them to be controlling in the sense of pushing me around in the relationship.

    In bed, however, usually I find the older guys are more ready to take charge than younger ones - but that just might be the type I end up with.