Using me or does he really like me?

i've talked to this kid for a while, and I've recently started liking him alot. He invited me over yesterday and its the first time we hung out by ourselves. I met his mom, and stepdad and uncle and it was really nice. We hung out for a little and he kissed me and everything went down hill from there, things happend but I didn't sleep with him. I feel like I rushed things, but I've known him for a while and I talked to him since the beginning of this summer. When I was there I promised to myself and I told him that I wouldn't participate in anything anymore until we dated and if we even dated and I told him how I was scared that he was going to hurt me. Later on I left, and he told me he wasn't ready for a relationship because he just got out of one. We've been talking nonstop now. what do you think?