He was interested and then he wasn't. games or not interested?

i went on this date with a really young guy, he was 24 I'm 35. I told him it wasn't a date but were just meeting up as friends. because he was too young.

i show up, he's normal and out of normal he gets all strange and has a girl call him, say that they're meeting up for a drink. he says we can hang out again if I catch him because he's super busy. I apologized for being jerky earlier on. he said I shouldn't preclude or prejudge experiences.

i don't really care to really date him. I just want to know if it was a game he played or if he's truly not interested. I figure he's trying to teach me a so call lesson. I still wouldn't date him but we could hang out again as friends.

he was saying things like I guess I should go message a ton of guys...etc


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  • sounds like he is trying to show intrest but perhaps after you told him not a date made plans for afterwords or as and excape to keep you wondering. if he comes back to you then don't think games he's intersted and has an odd way of showing it if not then he was just playing games and wanted to know if he even had a chance

    • Should I text?

    • going to say no if he wants out let him if not then she would not have made other plans or reschedualed his other options to be with you anywho if you were not to date him as it was then why would you feel obligated to message him


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  • Really weird. Sounds like he panicked for some odd reason.


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  • Sounds like you were the one that was playing games. You went on a date w this guy and then on the date you proceed to tell him it's not a date and you're just going out as friends. He was prob hella confused and ticked off. Hence him saying he's meeting up w another girl and stuff. If you're interested in him then knock off the childish games or you will scare him away.

  • Perhaps he did think it was a date to begin, and though he is a bit younger, that could have hurt his feelings. Then maybe he decided to hang out with another girl to show you that he has options..

    • he's not interested. I mean, it's all ego and stupidity, if he was trying to prove something, he's an idiot.

    • Yeah not worth it for sure, you can do better :)