Is it normal for guys to tell their parents about a girl so soon...and want to introduce her?

One several occasions, I've noticed within the first few dates, the guy will introduce me to his parents, or have already told their parents about me...I did not do the same. One Older guy called his mom up the same day after we went out (and it wasn't even a date...i had no interest in him), and he told her that he had a very good feeling about me.

A lot of them show me their family albums or pictures really soon...i don't understand why...i find that to be so personal and wouldn't show someone that unless we were dating for a while and I was sure that I wanted them to be a part of my life.

With my current boyfriend, he did the same...he even already talked to his parents about wanting to marry me! His parents keep inviting me out to eat with the family and their friends...I have not told my parents about him at all...i feel bad...but he understands it is because I have very strict parents that do not allow me to date.

Maybe its because I grew up in a more isolated way...but does this seem normal? I'm just curious, because it seems like all the guys I've seen were like this.

Thanks for your help!


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  • I personally hold no desire to share my dates or exploits with my parents. Ill talk to my dad about the bad dates, but if a girl shows promise I keep them away until we actually start dating. I'm a very independent person though. I don't idly throw my problems or successes on people. Only my best friends get to hear about a good girl or about some exciting business venture. But it isn't out of the ordinary for guys to want to tell their parents about girls, especially if they were brought up in a super close family and his parents have an incredibly strong marriage. Its isn't a bad thing. If anything its a sign of a stable guy.


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  • Maybe these guys found the kind of girl that they've been looking for? The kind of "girl that they'd want to show to mom"? :D.

    Yeah, for real, if he thinks there's a long-term relationship then he'd want to tell his parents, especially his mom, about you.

  • That is kind of scary. I never really introduce my girlfriend to my parents. It just so happen that she came over and of course my mom had to see her. I didn't even told my mom she was my girlfriend. She just came over so many times that my mom knew it was my girlfriend. I only told my sis in law and cousin about my gf.


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  • well, means they (guys) did the same with many girls.

    and they not really serious about the relationship with u.

    cant be easy to introduce someone that very special to his family, because he should know his partner first and find the comfort zone with u!

    and he fall in love with u.. and he will start to introduce you to his parents..