Racial comments from my sister directed at my white boyfriend?

i am black let me point that out. anyway I don't even know how to type this cause I really don't know where to start. My sister is trying to knock it in my head that all white guys are and sick nasty freaks. She knows I am dating a white guy and everyday she tries to tell me something bad about... Show More

The sad part is that comments like these are slowly eating away at my sub-conscious. it makes me think, whyy is he with me? Is it a black fetish? will he change? am I an experiment? if so many people say these things is it true. I know he is not but everyday :(

i just wanna leave

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  • Where is she even getting those wild ideas from? White men don't shower? I shower every morning, and sometimes I also shower in the evening.

    Also, there are paintings depicting ass play in ancient civilizations such as Rome. I'm pretty sure they have NOTHING to do with whites now.

    It's very evident the most prevalent source of HIV spreading in the United States is the homosexual male community on the west coast. AIDS even had a different name at first - it was termed "GRID" - Gay Related Immune Deficiency. It is still more concentrated in the homosexual male community today. Does she realize that homosexuality exists in all races, not just whites?

    I am completely in awe that someone would even think what your sister said. I know she's family, and I really don't want to offend here, but you should probably avoid your sister some. She's going to try and tear down what seems like a perfectly healthy relationship. Your happiness is what's most important, and sometimes that requires walling off family.