Do you take flowers on a date?

Do you take flowers on a first date?

Ive always thought this would be rather impractical for the girl, having to carry the flowers though out the whole date.


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  • Do you mean to the girl's door? It's a little outdated, but some guys do it and the girl tends to feel flattered. It's nicer to have flowers a few dates later, when it means more because you've gotten to know each other.

    Throughout the whole date? That's a little too much. It is rather impractical, even though she's likely to enjoy the thought behind it. It's like those huge prize bears at the carnivals; we love that you won it just for us, and it was really SO sweet of you, but now where the heck to put it?

    Maybe stick to ONE flower and give it to her. It's sweet without being a full (read "heavy") bouquet. Sunflowers, orchids, roses (not red unless you love her) are all great.


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  • Flowers are only really appropriate if you are picking her up at her house. That way, she can put them in a vase with some water before the date.

  • No flowers.

    Just pay for dinner.


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  • You buy her flowers when you pick her up at her house or right before you drop her off at her house. You don't just buy them and walk around with them...

  • Flowers on a first date is never a good idea. Later on it can be, but even then dates aren't the best time for flowers. It's much better to have them delivered as a surprise, preferably when she is at work so all her coworkers can be jealous and tell her what a great guy you must be.

  • no it's going to far and makes you seem inexperienced and sappy. The next worst thing you can do is tell a girl you love her on the first date.