If you started dating an identical twin...

Do you think you would be able to tell him/her apart from their sibling?

I believe I could just by personality alone. Besides I feel like you get specific vibes from people almost instinctual even if they do look the same.

What do you think?


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  • Well, every identical twins I've encountered always had subtle physical differences that set them apart. A freckle here, a mole there, a scar maybe, teeth slightly different. And this assumes they even keep the same hairstyle.

    Perhaps the vibe comes from your subconscious realizing somethings amiss, though your conscious mind hadn't picked up on the details yet.

    • Same here. Physically their face shape is usually the telling factor for me-one may be slimmer or rounder than the other's. That makes sense about the subconscious.

    • well I knew some twins who's faces were exact same size and shape, and their kept the same hair cut. The only way we could tell them apart was a small freckle on one of them just below his lip. It was funny, staring at their lip before talking to one of them, just to be sure you knew which one he was.


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  • I'm super-aware of the slightest details - skin tone and condition, facial features, hair, body mass, voice - everything... all of those details can never be completely identical, twins are just born at the same time holding exactly the same DNA but by growing up and everything they become different, at least in some details.

  • Yeah I think I would, but to be honest I've never really talked with twins so I'm not sure how easy it is to tell them apart.


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  • My boyfriend's sisters both married identical twins. From different families. They can tell their husbands apart from their brothers. I'd be ashamed if I were dating someone I couldn't tell apart from his brother lol

  • I agree. My brothers are identical twins and I am friends with some identical twins as well.

    Even though they're identical, when you see them together, you can see the differences and when you're used to them, you can tell the difference when they're separate.

    There are also the characteristics as you mentiond which set them apart. Also, they have different hair cuts.

    I don't think that identical twins have identical personalities. Obviously they would be more similar to each other than ordinary siblings, but they really are completely different people and if you had feelings for one, that wouldn't make you have feelings for the other.