Girls would you date a guy if he did not know how to drive?

and you are both in your second year of community college. Would it influence you decision to date someone, if so how much? Also would it depend on how close both of you lived to each other? link Can you answer this too for me if you want to?


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  • I think it would make things difficult, I won't lie. I was once the one in the relationship who didn't drive, and it made timing a bit rough sometimes, since he always had to be able to get me. It wouldn't be a deal breaker though, unless it ended up becoming too much of a problem later on - like if we just couldn't work out seeing each other and stuff like that.

    • I think what she's trying to say is, she later developed the ability to fly, so from then on she promised herself that SHE would be the one who would be picking the guys up and sweeping them off their feet. Literally.

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    • Oh, I just meant right now. If I do get a girlfriend I will go out with her.

    • Can you answer my other question please?


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  • I would not date him if he didn't know how to drive. Not having a car is one thing, but not knowing how to drive is another.

    • No matter what he was like or if you like him?

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    • What if he live very close to you?

    • What if, like the situation I'm in now, where my father's car breaks down and he's too cheap to buy a new one so he uses my truck, rendering me carless? What then? We wouldn't be able to go anywhere. So it seems pointless.

  • i wouldn't turn him down because he can't drive, I'd tease him about it though, but just for a banter

    • is there a limit to how far you lived from him that would make it not work?

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