Should I really give up on dating completely?

Every time I approach a woman, she rejects me. Even online dating doesn't work for me, I get rejected on there as well. Since this has happened, I barely communicate with girls. I assume they will only friend zone me or reject me, so I don't bother talking to women unless I'm related to them or their my college instructor. I've given up on dating and approaching women, is this the solution for me?


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  • Wow, so soon. It is OK, you just need to pick yourself up. Friend zone isn't always bad. I also want to friend zone every guy until I get to know them better. Most gave up and move on to the next girl. It really narrow my choices down. I sort of want a boyfriend who is also can be a good best friend. Image if Thomas Edison gave up on 9000 times before inventing the light bulb. Lol, we would live in the dark.

    • PS. I think finding a hobby or things that you like to do and meet people from there. That way, you will develop a good connecting before you date someone or they could set you up with their friends.

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  • I think you should give up on dating for right now and go do things that help you build your self esteem. I don't think you should try again untill you feel so good about yourself that you can look yourself in the mirrior and say to your self "I know I am a great guy! there is nothing wrong with me! If that girl can't tell that I am a great guy, then I don't need her!," and actually deeply believe what you are saying.

  • How is giving up going to be a solution?


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  • Your username says it all. You're "nice". Most women want to settle down with nice guys - they don't want to date them. You have to be spontaneous; riskque. Give the girl your clear intentions and make it seem like you're not a boring doormat who's just out to bend over backwards for them. If you think your personality is perfectly acceptable, then chances are that you're too unattractive for the girls you're going for.

    • Good advice, or I can stop dating completely. If women are like you say they are, then I'm better off by myself for the rest of my life.

  • Give up? It's not about giving up, it sounds like you're searching too hard and putting too much pressure on yourself over it. I've had many ups and downs in relationships over the years and here is what works.

    Forget about relationships, forget about dating. What makes you happy in life? What do you enjoy most (again forget about relationships). When you figure out what activities, interest and hobbies make you happiest in life, and go down that path, you'll often find someone with the similar interest and find a true companion. Don't look toward a relationship or companion to make you happy in life because you will only be disappointed. Find what makes you happy and then relationship works it's way to you. People who know how to make themselves happy also become desirable people to be around. Again, find and do what makes you happy in life. Women always think they are much more mature than men, but in ways they are not. As they get older, they change what they look for in a guy and friends become more attractive to date. You should have female friends and shouldn't isolate yourself from women, but most importantly do what makes you happy in life. Women want to end up with someone who is their best friend and someone they see eye to eye with on things.

    I've pursued girls that looked great, and I'd do everything to win them over, only to have things not work out. I've done online dating and posted what I thought would win girls over, only to have that not work out. I got married to someone who I was attracted to but we had different interests. It was only a matter of time until we didn't want to do things together.

    If I could do things over, I'd get involved in all the activities that make me happy. I'd meet people through these activities or people with similar interests. I'd do online dating and just be open about what I liked, but also be positive in my profile. If you find what makes you happy, she will find her way to you. If you are so focused on finding a partner to make you happy, and getting into a relationship to make you happy, you will never find someone.

    Hope this helps.

  • sucks how it is fair for women, they don't need to have anything going for them in their life in order to be girlfriend material

    • depends on the guy. some guys do have standards and will say "i don't like dumb girls" or "she better not have kids" or "she better have ambitions and goals, cause I don't like bum girls who just want someone to take care of her".

    • Funny because all of that is what I'm looking for in a woman