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Guys, public affection is a good sign right?

I've been seeing this guy and we're going slowly so I've been worrying that maybe he's not so interested in me. The other day we ran into each other... Show More

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  • You are correct.

    I would not hug or kiss a girl in public that I was not interested in. So that is a good sign.

    I wish you the best. :)

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  • i think so. this guy and I go out together and he holds my arm or hand wherever we are walking, on the bus or train or just outside, sometimes even at a restaurant, and he kisses me in public on the lips and cheek although he doesn't like people to see us make out because it just looks kind of improper especially because we aren't a bunch of teenagers so he often pulls me to a semi-public corner or something of the sort.

    this other guy who just wanted to hook up and keep it casual didn't hold my hand or arm or anything and we took a long walk together.

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