I think I've ruined my chances with my ex?

My ex broke up with me in January. He texted me a week ago to meet up and talk. We talked about the breakup and what happened. He broke up with me because when we were together he wasn't fully over his ex. He said he missed me and regrets leaving me. He's been inviting me out to bbq's, and out to clubs with his friends. I kept saying no or that I was busy because I wasn't sure exactly if I should. I do still have feelings for him. I made a mistake last week by texting him something. After having this conversation the day after without saying gbye. Joking I texted him I see how it is. Said he had to leave because of his sister. I texted 'sure'. Then asked me why I didn't believe him. He wouldn't lie to me. I texted back ' because you have before' I was a little drunk at that last text. I haven't talked to him since last Friday. I haven't made the effort to text him either though...

Would he make all that effort if he wasn't serious? I'm not sure if I should just text him hey because I still want to talk to him. I'm not sure if he's mad or wouldn't want to talk to me after that? What ddo you guys think? Would you guys want to talk to your ex after that? I over thinking? :(


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  • You're not necessarily "over thinking" it.. but you should try to get some answers. What does your heart say?


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  • It sounds to me like you called him on his sh*t, and he wasn't particularly happy about it... Not wrong on your part.

    If you're curious, just ask him. But I don't think you did anything wrong.