Metal and all of its subgenres (sorry its so long)

i am a huge metalhead, I love metal to the extreme, and my favorite band of all time is metallica, I just think they define the genre above everyone else, yes even judas Priest some say IS metal.

ive gone to a lot of metal concerts, with my ears internally bleeding every time, just the way I like it... my mom thinks I'm gonna ruin my hearing, hahah, I'm like I dc, its life, get over it

one concert I went to happened to be the power metal band, Kamelot. now this band is a bit different than your typical metal... because he wears his signature trenchcoat, and dresses as if he's in a mass service for church, you're supposed to dress kinda conservatively in black to the bands concerts. well, that's not what I saw, I saw girls wearing god knows what you call them, but damnnn, I didn't care, they looked hot

anyway, I don't want to limit myself to only dating metalheads just as myself, but I do think that it plays a huge part in whether I choose her or not.

what do you think?


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  • I think its absolutely normal for you to lean towards the girl you know you have something in common with but its always good to try something different..

    Usually certain guys stick only to certain girls, for example, goth guys ALWAYS go out with goth girls. You'll never see them with someone not like them. And so it applies to every kind of guy out there.. I guess they just feel comfortable with someone who relates to them in one aspect at least.. I say you just try and look for someone you get along with ;D

    ohhh and metallica is amazing. hahah.


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  • Maiden destroys Metallica, any day. I just can't imagine supporting a group that betrayed their underground fan base.. That's dishonest. I have very little respect for Metallica, and think they receive far greater praise than they deserve. A good group is one that is loyal to their fans, end of story.

    In any case, metalheads are the way to go, I fail to see your problem.

    • Haha, metal heads are loyal tho their fav. band, so I'm gonna love them no matter what anyone says

      but yeah, I guess I don't see a problem either

  • ;-; I honestly think if a girl doesn't hate metal and respects your music choice it could work. But that's just my opinion.


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  • Bro, unfortunately being a typical black guy I'm not a great lover of 'alternative' music, but my last girlfriend was into Evanescence, LAcuna Coil, Within Temptation, Nightwish, those sorta bands...the previous girl liked completely different stuff...I really don't think music is sucha big part of criteria in dating (tho I wish it was!), I think as long as she doesn't hate metal, it could definately work...

  • I really don't think it'll make a difference if you share a common interest in music or not, simply put, just as long as she's good to you and for you, I guess it really doesn't matter. Sharing common interests is good, but it's how the two of you communicate that will set the standards of any relationship, if that makes any sense. I'm a little weary, so-