Want to date a coworker?

So, I'm a waitress and there's a guy right now that's a cook/dishwasher. I know that relationships are allowed because one of the other waitresses is dating a cook. Basically, what can I do to show him I'm interested? How to I go about this?


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  • I can only suggest never date a co-worker unless you want a lot of awkward moments when the relationship doesn't work out & you have to work together everyday.


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  • Show him your fruit ninja move. While you are slicing the veggie, smile and challenge him to a competition.

  • Smile at him more and talk to him more. If you have to ask this you most likely are not grown emotionally and are not capable of sustaining an adult relationship.

    • "not grown emotionally and are not capable of sustaining an adult relationship"? Please. I'm sorry you have issues that you're taking out on me. Smile and talk to him more- wow, what genius advice, I would have never thought of that. You have oh so much wisdom. Get off your high-horse, bud. Chances are, I'm a lot more mature than you, and am more intellectually capable, so don't act like you're a genius and a master of relationships.

    • I see that. Thanks

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