Is this just a hit and run?

What I mean is, this guy I met on my birthday, said he's had my eye on me since the first time he saw me, he said he first saw me three weeks ago. I didn't even know he existed until he approached me and told me he liked me. Well we texted all week, and then hung out during the weekend. We had a double date because our friends were dating as well. I thought everything went good, we made out in the backseat of my car. We were flirting massively. But, I haven't heard from him since? It's only been two days. Was I just a game, should I move on or wait?I honestly feel used, like I was just something to play with.


Most Helpful Guy

  • As unfortunate it sure does sound like he has used you and this was all some stupid game for this player. Feel lucky you found out in 3 weeks instead of lot longer and investing yourself a lot more emotionally, I would say move on and not wait. This guy is an absolute jackass who sure didn't deserve you as there is no excuse for lack of communication and going AWOL.