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Is this just a hit and run?

What I mean is, this guy I met on my birthday, said he's had my eye on me since the first time he saw me, he said he first saw me three weeks ago. I... Show More

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  • As unfortunate it sure does sound like he has used you and this was all some stupid game for this player. Feel lucky you found out in 3 weeks instead of lot longer and investing yourself a lot more emotionally, I would say move on and not wait. This guy is an absolute jackass who sure didn't deserve you as there is no excuse for lack of communication and going AWOL.

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  • Too early. Only 2 days..? give the guy a break. Maybe he has a life outside of you. If 10 days passes, then you know its over. Patience patience!

  • At least you didn't sleep with him.. tell all girls this is why to not give it up on the first night! If he came out of nowhere on your birthday and laid those strong lines on you it was a hit and run! If he liked you he would have wanted to get to know you slowly. If you didn't give it up in the backseat then you are not his type. If you did he would call you for a few more rounds then cut it off.. Any guy that is truly interested in you will not want to mess around right away.

  • I agree, it is too early to tell. You didn't have sex with him which was a good move. The more I like a girl the longer I wait to call her. The reason being I don't want to look desperate or clingy.

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