What are some things you should never do on your first date?

When on your first date, there are some things that you should never do, what are they?


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  • Don't talk about your ex. Big no. Even if you still have issues/feelings for your previous one, you don't want to scare away a potential relationship, unless you want to friend zone him ASAP.

    Be seductive but don't be sexually aggresive with what you wear. Will give a wrong impression.

    Don't be too difficult to unlock. Don't make the other one beg for longer answers. You'll pass as apathetic and boring to be with.

    Don't let out big traumas of your past till there is enough confidence/trust. People might think you're broken, trying to find somone to help them.

    Don't lie. If the date goes well and you see each other many times after that, people will find out you lied in the first date and they won't forget about that. (about your income, your environment, having or not having things, having a kid -!-)

    You should end the date stating how you want to be considered as. If you know you it didn't went well/you're not interested, then maybe suggest going home separate ways, definitely paying separately. Just a quick hug. If you want the romance to bloom, suggest seeing each oher some other time and probably throwing out what days of the week you're available. Give them your number or email or more ways to find you. Let them take you home, probably let them pay, taking this as a hint for "it will be on me the next time".

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