What are some things you should never do on your first date?

When on your first date, there are some things that you should never do, what are they?


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  • Don't talk about your ex. Big no. Even if you still have issues/feelings for your previous one, you don't want to scare away a potential relationship, unless you want to friend zone him ASAP.

    Be seductive but don't be sexually aggresive with what you wear. Will give a wrong impression.

    Don't be too difficult to unlock. Don't make the other one beg for longer answers. You'll pass as apathetic and boring to be with.

    Don't let out big traumas of your past till there is enough confidence/trust. People might think you're broken, trying to find somone to help them.

    Don't lie. If the date goes well and you see each other many times after that, people will find out you lied in the first date and they won't forget about that. (about your income, your environment, having or not having things, having a kid -!-)

    You should end the date stating how you want to be considered as. If you know you it didn't went well/you're not interested, then maybe suggest going home separate ways, definitely paying separately. Just a quick hug. If you want the romance to bloom, suggest seeing each oher some other time and probably throwing out what days of the week you're available. Give them your number or email or more ways to find you. Let them take you home, probably let them pay, taking this as a hint for "it will be on me the next time".


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  • -Your personal problems (or the drama you have going on in your life).

    -Sexual conversations

  • Fart, burp, scratch certain body parts, swear too much, talk about ex girlfriends, talk about how unfortunate you are if you feel that way, be pessimistic, talk about how you'll never find a significant other, ditch your date, get drunk, get aggressive, start talking about a wedding and how many kids you want, forget to mention quite important stuff about yourself, not asking anything about your date, take phone calls (I really hate it when someone does this!), ...

  • - Talking about ex in any way. Not even if it's a positive thing. Completely off limits.

    - Burping, farting, anything gross. Save that for when you're in a relationship and you're comfortable with each other.

    - Falling asleep (I did this and haven't heard from the guy since. Needless to say, he was boring.)

    - Texting a lot or talking on the phone.

    - Revealing too much about yourself. You don't want to make them feel like they've already been in a relationship with you otherwise the mystery will die.

    - Being rude to anyone

    - Being negative and complaining

    - Sex, oral, "hooking up"

  • Mention how all the other girls/guys don't seem to be interested in me after 2 dates. -.-

  • I try to always keep the conversation as light-hearted and upbeat as possible. If the conversation is too heavy or too personal, for me it sends the wrong signals.

    The last date I went on, the guy told me an "embarrassing" story about his poop giving way too much descriptive information... needless to say.. that conversation would fall under the "too personal" list of things to share :)

    • OMG...LOL...ahahah what was this dude thinking...man, I feel bad for this dude, but poop stories are for when at least you know it's official...

  • No kiss or sex after you get to know each other well..takes time to build trust,in my opinion!

  • have ANY type of sex

    talk about your exes

    talk about yourself in a negative way

    make bad comments to the other person

    dress bad or be smelly and bad breath

    try to over due it and over spend (big shot guys)




  • sing to her. ugh. a guy did that to me. I was like 0_o

  • Don't sing to her. That was awkward ._.

    Not too much cologne

    Don't talk about a serious future (it scares the living bezeejus out of us, too!)

    Don't try and hand feed her :-: That too, is awkward.

  • have sexual contact (don't do more than kiss, and keep hands out of the clothes!)


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  • I can't believe you'd wanna memorize a list, only to have to focus on what "not" to do. That seems like it would really take away from the moment, but if it works for you, there are a lot of good answers here. Simply put you should be yourself. If you wanna look like a low-life jerk who has no care or respect for others, go out of your way to fart in public or maybe wipe some boogers on her sleeve. But if you wanna come off with class and intellect then use your head man. It really can't be that hard to understand how you want to live your life.

    ~ ArtistBBoy

  • Don't fart.

  • Curse

    Answer your cell phone/reply to a text

    Talk about your ex

    Show up in a t-shirt and sweats

    Bodily functions

    Being a bad customer

    Complain about life issues

  • So far the girls have said two things:

    "Don't tell personal stuff or how you actually feel" and "don't play tricks by being mysterious", wow, I guess the date were we sit awkwardly opposed of each other silently waiting until it was over was actually perfectly played then...

  • Don't talk too much about yourself. Don't give completely straight answers, tease a bit. The more you joke around and don't take things too seriously, the more likely a girl is to fall for you. Serious guys that treat things like a job interview never get second dates.

  • For guys: Don't talk too much, let her talk about herself and pretend to listen and care. Then if she asks you any questions about yourself just give vague answers as to not give away your mysterious aura.

    Sources: Bitches love mysterious men and talking about themselves.

    • that is a really quick way to turn anyone who actually respects themselves, wants to get to know a human being off-real quick. I don't trust guys who do that. and its totally obvious they are playing games.

      withholding is just immature and disrespectful. you don't need to withhold because talking to you is interesting-if you guys get along. and if not you want to find out as soon as possible.

      intentionally not talking robs her of agency. she lacks control to make an informed decision. lame very.

    • "that is a really quick way to turn anyone who actually respects themselves, wants to get to know a human being off-real quick."

      He said this was advice for dating women.