LADIES is this shallow or not shallow to think this way??

I prefer to date a guy with a car whether I have one or not (which I'm working on getting soon) I think it would be very difficult to go anywhere and do things as a couple and I'm not the one to be shacked up in my room 24/7 with a guy. Did that before (Wasn't fun and not a good look) So ladies, would you date a 26 year old man with out a car? If he was working on getting one, which I know takes time but I'm not sure if I should give this guy a chance because were not going to see each other anytime soon, and the last thing I want to do is text/talk on the phone all the time, pour our feelings etc because in the end, he will still be a stranger. Need the face to face contact. Am I wrong to think like this ladies?


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  • It's shallow if you don't have a car, but you expect him to have one.

    Think of it from a guy's perspective: we ABSOLUTELY DO NOT CARE if a girl has a car or not... so don't be so hard on a guy.

    I would tell you - don't go around looking for someone who possesses things that you do not possess yourself... and I'm mean anything.


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  • What if he had an extremely cheap and crappy car? I'm 27 and do not have a car (actually, a lot of adults at my work place bicycle to work, but then again I live in a high public transit city).

    I do have a lot of debt from college loans, though, despite having a pretty good income now.

    If I really wanted to I COULD go out and get a cheap, crappy car, but I will not because I'd like to pay off my student loans and get a nice car. Plus, I really have no reason to pay for parking in the city when I rely on cheaper and greener public transportation.

    I am not going to say that I understand your opinion, but I respect it in the sense that I probably have crazy restrictions, too (I still think we are both shallow in our own ways, though).

    • Your correct and I understand your way as well

  • Don't you have some sort of public transportation in your area? That works for many. However, if it doesn't work for you, I don't think it's shallow.

    You're absolutely spot on about the need to have face to face interaction though.

    • Exactly. I don't want to catch feelings without seeing the person first. That will just create a fake fantasy in my head

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  • No that's not shallow but seeing as you do not have a car yourself it's super hypercritical. When I'm dating someone I'd like them to bring to the table what I have to bring to the table. Ya know an equal share. I don't wanna be responsible for drivin his ass all over the place. Especially at 26 years old. He should sorta have his sh*t together at that point.

    • The last thing I want to be is a hypocrite. Thank you

  • I agree that it would be difficult, but I feel like if you like the guy you can at least try it out and see how it goes. Public transportation would be a good option, but if you cannot I would be understanding as well.