Girl I like is talking to me and another guy, how do I tell if she likes me more than him?

So I'm talking to this girl and right away she told me she was talking to another guy and wanted to know if that bothered me. I told her no because I wanted to keep talking to her. She's told me that the other guy feels threatened by me and was surprised that I didn't seem threatened by him. She has told me that she loves my laugh and always laughs when I laugh, she has told me on many accounts that she thinks I'm cute and adorable. But how do I tell if I'm doing better than the other guy. What are some signs that I can tell if I'm doing bad or good.


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  • This girl sounds like she's in highschool! If another guy was telling me that he was dating another girl and how jealous she was of me, I would be hesitant of continuing the relationship. Don't be giving her 100% if she isn't giving it to you. This should not be a competition between you and this other guy. If she were THAT into you, you would be the ONLY guy on her mind..from personal experience, I can tell you that's the truth. Plus its immature of her to be telling you about this other guy, she's obviously doing that unpurpose, you want what you can't have, and she's succeeding with you. If I were you I would pull back, this doesn't seem like its going to go too far if you continue letting her brag about how some other guy wants her so much. Think of it this way, if you were into a girl and wanted to be with her, would you be calling her up to tell her about some other girl and asking her "oh I wonder why susie hasn't called me" NO WAY! Screw her, you seem to nice to be sitting around waiting for some girl who can't make up her mind!


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  • She wants compliments and she is trying to get you two guys to fight for her, is she really worth it? And if so, just ask her out on a date already!

  • Aw, it sounds like the girl is playing you really bad. She should choose one of you, No?

    Otherwise how is it special?

    She should feel negatively towards the other guy for insulting you and have a reaction like, "Don't talk about him like that, yah big JERK", that's what I'd say.

    Otherwise, like I said, sounds like she's playing you and trying to make you jealous and it's very flattering when 2 guys compete for you but not when it turns nasty.

  • seems like she's just enjoying the attention from you guys.if you like her enough and she's worth it,u should just ask her out and make it official.end this 3way thing b4 you fall deeper and get hurt.

  • If she calls, emails, comes see you, etc. 'acts' toward you when you don't do anything toward her, then, it is a sure sign you are doing better than the other guy.

    If she stops telling you about other guys, it is the time that you are better than other guys.

    Don't let her say, "does it bother you?"

    Have her follow you, be in love with you.

    If you keep acting toward her before she acts, stop doing so for a while, let's say for two weeks, and see how she reacts.

    Words are meaningless to deliver feelings sometimes.


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  • you like her go in and get her already. she may be tryin to make a choice but y should you wiat forever for her make up her mind? its either she want you or she dont

  • Oh my gosh, you actually talk a lot about the other guy...

    Why don't you start dating other people and act as if the other guy doesn't exist at all.

    Even though it seems like that girl is a mojor player...

  • Sounds like your doing a great job. Keep feeling confident and try not to show any jealousy, you guys shouldn't be talking about that all the time anyway.

    However I wouldn't stand for it for too long, if you can tell your feelings for each other are getting deeper then ask her to stop seeing the other guy, if she really likes you she will appreciate the gesture as it will show how much you like her and that you want to get more serious.

    How long have you been seeing her? and him her? don't ask her, but do you know?

    • It's been about 3 weeks for both of us. she has mentioned him to me before. She's said stuff like I'm shocked he hasn' called me yet, that was while we were hanging out at her house and it was 8 at night. Mentioned that he got defensive when he found out that I sent her flowers and he said that he would make her dinner and that I can shove the flowers up my ass and that he would send her flowers ect. ect. and that one of us always calls agter she gets off the phone with the other.

    • Are you guys hooking up at all? give us more details about where you and this girl are in the relationship.

    • We hooked up once

  • If she adores some things you do and would love to do it with you then she likes you but you don't know wats she telling that guy and if you really into her why don't you get ahead of the guys by moving abit fast to express ur feelings or you might lost to him.take action bro!

  • DAMN... that girl is possibly playing you.. You need to be more aggressive and assertive about it.. You also need to find out how she feels about you by just asking right after you show her that you mean business but don't be a jerk about it... It seems like your in the middle where she doesn't know who to pick so she shows no signs and just let you to guys try to win her over.

    I think you could simply win her over if your aggressive to her. If that doesn't work then simply ignore what she says about other guys but still remain around her and try to flirt crazily with her.. That should work

  • man you have more than 30 years, I don't think you should have time for this kind of girls...

    try to find other one

    and maybe when you leave her she will chose you...

  • just do the best you can