What are his intentions...does he like me, maybe?

Okay, so I hit on this handsome guy at the bar and we danced and exchanged numbers before I had to leave. He ended up texting me the next day/morning. He also asked for my last name so that he could send me a friend request on Facebook. We texted a little bit, but he took a bit to reply to one text, but later replied and said he was sorry for the delay and he had been playing basketball. I replied and he didn't, but it was late and figured he had fallen asleep. Anyways, he didn't text me all day so I shot him a text asking how he was, he replied and I sent another text and he hasn't replied again. I am confused since he basically initiated the contact info (numbers and Facebook), but is blowing me off via text. Maybe I just take texting too serious? Idk, what do you guys think?


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  • I think you're taking it a bit too fast, since you just met, be wary you don't overwhelm him.

    However, if he continues to not respond, then he's clearly not interested.


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  • Sounds like a regular bloke to me. My advice, wait a couple days and call him for a date. You seem to like him and I don't know a guy that would deny a girl that would initiate a first date so give it a shot. Then take it from there.


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