Would a lack of recent dating put you off?

If you meet someone and are getting to know them, but then find out through them or through mutual friends that they have not dated anyone for years... not even kissed someone!

Would that put you off at all?

Does it depend on the reason - maybe you'd cut them slack if it was due to a lack of self-confidence, but be put off if it was due to not being over an ex?

I'd love perspectives from both guys and girls.


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  • For me, this is almost preferable because it means they have fewer (women) orbiting around in the peripheral.

    If a guy is recently dating it means he maybe considering other people at the same time as he is considering me and this is okay in someways but it also makes people behave in a more ambivalent way IMO.

    If a guy hasn't been dating but then decides to date me, I guess I sort of figure he might really like me or be more serious about me than a guy who is shopping.

    Since I'm a jealous type it would also put my mind a little at rest knowing that he hadn't been doing a lot of dating. I'm okay with it. I might wonder if his sex drive was a little low BECAUSE most guys can't stand to go without sex so most men are physically compelled to be looking for a female IMO.

    I've met guys who went through a divorce and YES some of them do take a few years off from dating and you know what, I think that is okay. The splitting up of stuff and finding a new residence and custody issues if they have children and going through the emotional turmoil of adjusting to the ex getting remarried. Maybe it's sort of a bad sign that he doesn't move on faster but at the same time I think it's understandable sometimes.

    I think it depends on the situation. Though I've never thought of asking a person if they are dating and for how long have they been dating...I've never checked up on this with any person.

    • 'dis is a quality answer, fellas' -

      this - I am gonna voice up as someone who sets his heart on one girl & won't 'work for a paycheck rather than wait to win the lottery' - I think Sex Drive stuff would be sort of guys' projection onto us - we (or at least i) keep & kept plenty of Sex Drive - more like Sex Nitro - but some of us have been looking for the mother of our children while others are looking for a nice fellatio, or whatever.

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What Guys Said 4

  • I don't think it is a huge problem. I'd probably want to know their reasons as to why. That being said, sometimes people have other priorities. I've had times when work or family/friends took precedent over chasing girls.

  • As long as she doesn't have a freaky mental health history and my genitals are not in potential danger of being mutilated as I sleep...I'd be OK with it.

  • Not in the slightest. I get that circumstances happen to people and I wouldn't even read into it. I'd give them a chance anyway.

  • That would be okay withme


What Girls Said 1

  • I wouldn't judge them based on that. I've never been on a date or been kissed and it hasn't bothered anyone so far.