Will I ever hear from him again?

This guy broke up with me because he said he had to work on himself. He even closed his account on the online dating site so I am pretty sure he is being honest when he says this. However at the time I did not believe him and sent him a kind of extreme message accusing him of feeding me lines and insulting my intelligence. He responded saying he was telling the truth, wasn't dropping me and didn't want me to think it was about me or someone else. He then blocked me on Facebook. I sent him an apology for accusing him of lying two days later. He has not replied. Its been almost a week now. Do you think I will ever hear from him again, since he claimed he did like me or did I completely mess this up?


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  • No, you didn't mess up. He ended it, and he meant it. I'd say you're probably not going to hear from him again.

  • Move on because he has