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He doesn't try new things with me?

it's usually the same old same old. a kiss on the lips (no tongue), or I will kiss him on the cheek. I'm usually the one trying new things (biting... Show More

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  • Initiate new things with him, nothing wrong with you doing that. It just may not be his temperament, don't mean he's a bad person or a bad lover, just not his style. Sometimes I had to be the one to be shown new things. And while trying new things, sweetly whisper how it would really, sexually, turn you on if he did them back. And even a macho man wants to be seen as turning on a woman sexually.

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  • he won't kiss your neck?...damn there is one girl I constantly think of doing that too

    • oh god I love kissing a woman's neck!

  • From my experience in a previous long term relationship this doesn't work. I kept thinking she would change. I had conversation after conversation. She made excuse after excuse. It works better when you are matched with the same level of desire for things in the bedroom.

  • I think so that he doesn't love you so much and I think that he is in love with some other girl and he is trying to avoid you... Please Don't take it personally...

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