Scandinavian girls, would you date men from middle eastern background ?

All girls are welcome to answer of course. It would be nice to leave a comment as well. Anonymous or not. Basically , I am single now after a long term relationship (5 years). I live in Scandinavia . But I am also curious about opinions from all the world. When a decent looking arab man... Show More

  • Vote A I give all men a chance if they are polite and well groomed.
  • Vote B No. I have a racial preference that won't change.
  • Vote C Depends on factors that I will mention in the comment section below.

Most Helpful Girl

  • I love arab men they are sexy and I seem to attract them easily which is good for me lol they are fussy as well here I am in a relationship with a kuwaiti now for 7 years he is the best guy I from nz

    • Awesome! you give me hope :)