Guys, do you feel disappointed when you find out the girl you´re dating is slutty?

She´s wonderful and everything, but then you find out she sleeps around and has had many, many partners. Does it change the way you look at her? Do you feel disappointed? Do you wish she had had less partners?


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  • Hmm.

    Its hard for me to answer without it being theoretical.

    When I was young and inexperienced, looking back, there were a couple of girls I was interested in, one who I went out with on a couple dates, who had a slightly 'slutty' background. It was not enough to stop me. I suspect back then I wished she had less partners, not because I thought it ruined her, but because I was embarrassed about MY lack of experience.

    If I were single now? Well, I'd rather a girl with a higher then average sex drive, so evidence of that would be a plus. But if I'd been getting to know her, and she'd been friendly but not at all sexual with me, and I found out she slept around, I'd probably interpret her responses to me in light of her history as suggesting she wasn't interested, and move on. In retrospect, that was the case with the girl I mentioned before I went out with on a couple dates.

    But if we'd been flirting heavily, it would not be a bad thing at all, I'd probably just turn up heat.


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  • Ultimately it would come down to whether I can trust her or not. If I know for eg she has cheated in the past, I wouldn't go through with it.

  • Nope! Time will take care of the way I feel.

  • It doesn't bother only those guys who want just sex and that's it - you use her, you leave her, deal done.

    Obviously anyone who seeks something serious won't give such girl a chance, as if she's used to f*** around before, why would she suddenly change such habits?

  • It'd only mean she's bringing a bit of experience to the table, or bed, or couch or wherever. I'd worry about if she had an sti, I don't want that. I would also not be quick to consider myself in exclusive relationship in that situation. I'd stop sleeping with other people if we had sex and all, but I wouldn't commit to anything deeper than that but I generally don't anyway.

  • no, no, and no

  • NO

  • Unfortunately I would be, but I'm used to disappointment. It's not that I think she is horrible, it's just that I don't agree with or have led that sort of lifestyle (although sometimes it does sound like it would be fun).

  • Is slutty or was slutty?! When you like someone you sometimes have irrational feelings about touchy subjects, jealousy of past partners can be the biggest one. It's mainly down to the boy's attitude towards sex. If he's had his fair share, there wouldn't be a problem, both people have played the game. If you had a less experienced boy... that's where you'd expect negativity, jealousy etc. Everyone's done stuff they wish they hadn't, the best thing to do is just accept you've done it, it's a part of you and it'll help you grow as a person

    • In a way though, if the guy is inexpirienced but the girl is, then doesn't that give the guy the perfect playing field to gain that experience? As she is experienced, she could well direct him around what to do and what not to do, so it might be extremely good thing for him, even if the relationship did end up breaking.

    • Would you be comfortable having sex with a girl you really like knowing she's picked up all these skills from a number of partners?! It'd be hard to say unless you're in that position

  • Doesn't bother me. I only want to know if she's interested in me or not.


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