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Guys, how would you react to finding out that your girlfriend had dated girls in the past?

Would it bother you? Or would it depend on how you found out?

Would you be less upset if she told you or if a friend slipped up and mentioned it?

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  • It wouldn't bother me at all. Anyone is entitled to a past life (as long as it isn't criminal)

    I'd prefer to hear it from her than from 'a friend'.

What Guys Said 6

  • Doesn't matter.

  • It's not a negative.

  • I wouldn't be upset at all, and I'd find it a huge turn on.

    But the first thought in my mind would definitely be... threesome?

  • Would make me kind of wonder if she prefers being with girls more than guys honestly. Not that I would judge her as a good person or anything, just would make me a bit less secure - which is pretty lame I know.

  • it might kinda catch me off guard at first but I don't think it would bother me. I guess id rather hear it from her and not a friend but it doesn't really matter either way

What Girls Said 3

  • Mine as trilled. But and the other hand if you dumped them, they'd feel much better if that was because of a guy and not because of a girl :P

  • depends how long ago and if she is still back and forth with her decision which way to go. if it was just a teen experiment thing fine but if she is uncertain diff. story

  • Im sure plenty of lads would love that there girl likes girls/had girls in the past

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