My boyfriend says he's confused about us and needs time? Wait what?

My boyfriend is really into bmx and I usually don't like hearing about it, we started arguing because he kept claiming I hate it when in reality I don't, he then says he was confused about us and didn't know what he wanted, so I called him and ended it. I was devastated , not to mention my Thanksgiving was ruined, after a while my friend Clara texted me saying he was crying extremely bad but he said our relationship didn't feel the same. I texted him asking what really was his problem if he met someone else or what. He replied saying there is no one else just that our relationship isn't the same, and that he just needed time, he then ended our conversation by saying "I love you, wait for me". Last night he left me a message on this fun app we play on, he sent me drawing with a heart and it said "im sorry" I got excited thinking he regretted his decision, he texted me this morning saying. "I still think we should wait, I love you and I want to get back together but later, I want to wait until my heart explodes without being with you, I want to make sure I love you without being with you" What should I expect now? Should I just move on or actually wait for him? Our relationship was always fun and we usually never fought, and this has happened before and he regretted his decision. Whenever we are together he shows me love constantly, should I wait? PLEASE HELP! I don't know what to do anymore!

Oh one thing I forget to mention is we were going to give each other our stuff back, I was going to give him everything he gave me on Monday, after the last thing he told me this morning I asked "do you still want it back or should I keep it?" and he replied with "keep it"


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  • I don't think he is worthy of your time there are many other guys out there that are great but might take some time. I know it's hard but usually better to move on.


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  • Honestly I think you are waaaaaaay to young to be worried so much. There are plenty of fish in the sea and life is to short. Move on and meet new people.

  • Because of your age, I think you should possibly move on - you ended it, so it sounds like you aren't 100% with it. If his BMX interest is bothersome to you, you could talk about something else. But it sounds like you should probably move on... just my opinion.

  • Move on. He's just trying to play mind games with you. You're a beautiful girl and I'm sure you'll be able to find a guy who won't play games and be happy with :)


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